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About Us

Open Eyes Open Mind is an English class event developed with the dedication and support of the following major contributors:

AA Plus

With the ongoing growth of AA Plus in terms of students as well as learning improvements, it has become a humble realisation that more students can become self-directed learners and reach the top of their class at school!

Academic Advisers

Academic Advisers provides services to place students from Hong Kong and China into schools abroad. Their services are customised to every individual which is also strongly represented in the type of teachings students receive at AA Plus. Academic Advisers also own AAPlus and where these services link, it creates boundless opportunities.

Florence Lam

Florence Lam is a reputed veteran in the Hong Kong education community.  Having contributed to many creative courses, it was obvious to her that there could be more done for students across Asia.  While she currently also divides her time being an education consultant, she feels strongly attached to her tailor made curricula for AA PlusAcademic Advisers have once again invited Florence Lam to take part in the Open Eyes Open Mind workshop as her unique and thoughtful approaches are vital for a definite success for the participants.

HK Playground Association

HKPA Youth Exchange & Development Centre
Without the acknowledgement and recognition of the Youth Exchange and Development Centre of HK Playground Association, Open Eyes Open Mind and AA Plus would not be where it is today.