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AAPLUS 2015 韓國美術遊學團

Posted by in Outings, on April 30, 2015

課 程 簡 介:韓國藝術隨著歷史的改變,結合中國傳統藝術寫意的風格和西方藝術講求理性的探索,為今天迅速發展的韓流文化打下牢固的根基,致力提供豐富的環境,創造韓國獨特的現代藝術美觀。韓國有超過40多間藝術中學,培養學生創造、創新的能力和發揮他們的藝術潛力。近期,韓流普及,創造很多的藝術就業機會如舞台設計、動畫、服裝設計等,見證藝術能力的實踐具有實際的社會價值。故此,AAplus選擇在韓國舉行美術課程,重點在於增廣見聞和增進繪畫能力。以實景素描、寫日誌及攝影薈集資料,與導師研究,探討創作方向以製作美術品。完成作品後,導師提供小組和個別回饋,指導學生進一步發展藝術天賦,在創作的路有更明晰的目標。

Eyes on the World 2014

Posted by in Outings, on May 19, 2014


The outdoor activities in 2011

Posted by in Outings, on October 17, 2011

We’ve had a fantastic Summer this year with lots of hard work and of course, lots of fun. One of the greatest parts of our Summer is the extensive list of activities we’ve held. However much we’d like to write about each one, we instead have photos available to view on our Flickr and Facebook. […]

AA+ Outing: Walking with Dinosaurs

Posted by in Outings, on November 22, 2010

The AAPlus teaching method involves a mixture of outings and classes. Through our outings, students are able to apply their learnings from class. The next AAPlus outing will be to the entertaining and educational show – Walking With Dinosaurs. The award winning show contains 20 life-sized dinosaurs and has received countless positive reviews worldwide. Details: […]